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Tuesday 9-5.30

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 Ainsty Farm Shop at Green Hammerton near York specialises in traditionally reared, locally produced meat.  The beef, pork and lamb are from family farms who rear their livestock with high welfare standards and using natural feed to bring out the best in the finished animal.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables make up a large part of Ainsty Farm Shop.  They are sourced as locally as possible for the freshest produce and sit alongside a full range of fruit and vegetables, as you would expect to find in any good greengrocers.

The deli at Ainsty Farm Shop sells a large range of Yorkshire and British cheeses to suit all tasted, along with cooked and cured meats, pies, pates and smoked fish.

Sean, the baker, works a little differently to the average baker.  His day begins a little later and finishes late in the afternoon.  He also works in full view of the customers.

The bread, pies, quiches, cakes and puddings come out of the oven as you shop, all made using traditional baking methods and all delicious!

This is all complemented with a selection of frozen fruit & vegetables, ready meals and local ice cream.

If you would like to place an order for collection, please ring 01423 331897 or email