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Tuesday 9-5.30

Wednesday 9-5.30

Thursday 9-5.30

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Saturday 9-5.30

Sunday 10-4


Sean, the baker, works a little differently to the average baker.  His day begins a little later and finishes late in the afternoon.  He also works in full view of the customers.

The bread, pies, quiches, cakes and puddings come out of the oven as you shop, all made using traditional baking methods and all delicious!

Sean has worked as a baker since leaving school.  He learnt his trade working in the bakery at Harrods, moving to Yorkshire some years later to work in the growing supermarket chains, before coming to Ainsty to fulfil his love of creating handmade breads and different flavours.

As an adopted Yorkshire-man, Sean can also make some pretty good currant teacakes and curd tarts. As the orders flow in, the rest of the deli team often help out with the workload and are often busy making cottage pies, lasagnes etc. fresh for the counter.

If you would like to place an order, please ring the farm shop on 01423 331897